2005 Houston Press Music Award
"Best Cover Band"

Write-up from the Houston Press, Aug. 4, 2005

Molly and the Ringwalds

Sure, Ronald Reagan is still dead, at least until Republicans can revive his corpse, but this totally awesome '80s band is flying higher than 99 Luftballons. And whether it's the raucous ("She's Tight"), mawkish ("Voices Carry") or Mohawkish ("Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"), the all-Ringwald surname coalition of Carrie, Jennifer, Sam, Dekan and Gene parties hardy like Kurt Cobain never existed. "We were happy that a Continental Club band won," said Carrie of their third consecutive victory. They also get bonus points for constantly changing up their set lists. Jennifer says they will be adding many more "gay-tees" songs to their repertoire. Gay-tees? "They're cheesy '80s danceable songs like 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' and 'It's Raining Men,' " she says. The Ringwalds also want to encourage "more making out and porn" among audience members when they play Journey's "Open Arms." And be sure to check out the band photo on their Web site, which now appears in an official DeLorean car calendar! -- Bob Ruggiero

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